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Rock Band Night

Baskin School of Engineering Courtyard

October 21st, 2011
7pm - 10pm

Porter Dining Hall

November 4th, 2011
8pm - 10:30pm

Taking it all the way to 11 for a good cause.

  • Come on down and rock out on the big stage!
  • All skill levels welcome.
  • Free event; Donations graciously accepted.

Are you ready to rock out? How about hanging out with some friends and playing games for a good cause?

On October 21st and November 4th, we'll be throwing a Rock Band Night for the UCSC community. Come on down, rock out on the big stage, and hang out with some fellow slugs.

This event is part of our Banana Slugs for Child's Play initiative. We'll be collecting donations for Child's Play, an awesome charity supporting an awesome cause. And, for every dollar donated, you'll receive 1 raffle ticket for the S4CP Raffle, being held during the finals of the Fall Quarter Brawl.

Get Raffle Tickets at this event!

Get a raffle ticket at this event by donating $1 to Child's Play.

Learn more about the raffle...

Photos by Rachel Edelstein.